Sports at Road Primary

Captain Durrel Hughes of the Road Primary Football Team after receiving plaque for 1st place in the 1996 Primary Schools Football Tournament, sponsored by National Bank of Anguilla.

Standard bearer, dominant, pioneers, these are some of the terms often associated with Road Primary's standard of play in any sport they play. Over the past years R.P.S. had completely dominated their opponents. In fact, during the football tournament, the spectators stated that the team's skills are much higher than all the others. In fact many pundits of the game have claimed that 'pound for pound, they are the best team on the island.'

So impressive was the talent that two former professional football players from England could not help but marvel at Mr. Durrel "Poops" Hughes and the entire team.

R.P.S. prowess is not limited to the football field, but it also includes track and field. Although finishing third in a keenly contested competition, the school demonstrated the use of the starting blocks, something not even thought of by other schools. This competition also brought out the wealth of talent found here, namely Servau Edwards, Davedo Mussington, Sheldon Hughes, Tir sio Labasti, Shana Hughes, Brian Richardson, Karena Hughes, Melissa Carty, Lenicia Gardener and Lashana Desuza. Several of the above were selected to represent the island at the Leeward Islands track and field championship and the C.A.C. Junior games.

The school's talent for the coming years seems wide and rich in variety. However, its field field will only be realized through hard practice.

Teacher Winston Duncan

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