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The Rules

Road Primary School

These rules were ratified by the general body of the Parent-Teacher Association at a previous general meeting. They will come into full effect as of October 13th, 1997.


- All students must have a telephone number on file with their teacher.

- All students must wear clean uniforms to school everyday. Students will be given a one-half hour detention after three misuses of the dress code. The following will be the specific dress for boys and girls.



- No jewelry of any type, except a watch, for either boys and girls. On their birthday children must dress in uniform. The school will provide each child with a birthday badge.

- All students must bring a note from their parents or grandparents and must call the school stating a proper reason for their childrenís absence. If the children do not bring a note upon their return from a leave of absence they will receive a zero for all the work they missed. After three unexcused absences the children will serve a 1\2 hour detentionn.

- All students must have some type of bag that wonít fall apart, in which to place books.

- All students should have one book for each subject: Language/Compostion, Math and Science/Social Studies. ( This applies to classes 3, 4, 5 and 6. Classes one and two need two books. Infants need one book.)

- Students must bring books, pencils, pens and rulers everyday.

- All students must come to school on time. When children are tardy for school they miss important information and disturb the class sessions already in progress. The morning Assembly will begin with one bell at 8:45 A.M. 3 tardies will result in an half-hour detention.

- All homework is to be completed and brought back the next day or at a time specified by the teacher. Please allow your children to complete the homework on their own. Then go over it with them and help them correct it. You are doing them a disservice if someone does their homework for them. If they are unable to do the homework, then help them from the beginning.

- All homework must be signed by parent.

- All visitors will have to stop at the Headteacherís office, to gain her permision, before visiting a classroom teacher.

- There will be no vehicular or pedestrian traffic on the school grounds during school hours, from 8:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. Both of the above rules are going to be strictly enforced in order to secure the safety of all Road Primary School students and staff.


The following offences will result in lashes corporal punishment given by the Principal or a teacher appointed by the Principal.



Students must:


Children will be asked to forfeit their playground privileges for the day for the following reasons:



The hall is off bounds to all students. Students entering the hall must have a hall pass that can be issued by a classroom teacher. Any behaviour that disturbs the proceedings in the Hall will not be tolerated. Any student that disturbs the proceedings will be sent to a designated area to do previously set work.


The detention system has been set up in the following manner. A child will receive a detention referral with their name, date and reason for referral.


There are a lot of procedures and rules to follow. We are not making these rules just for window dressing. These rules have been discussed, argued and agreed upon by the complete staff at Road Primary School. The rules and discipline code have been put into effect to ensure the safety and rights of all involved. We want this school to be the best school in the Anguillian system. Please, help us attain our goal by adhering to these rules.

- All the classroom teachers will continue to work hard to enusure all children are getting the best education possible. If you think we need to do something more please TELL US.

- Everyone wants to see their children happy. Sometimes when children learn they get frustrated, but they shouldnít quit. Very few people like to try things that are difficult but the only way to learn new things is to keep trying. URGE YOUR CHILD TO WORK even at difficult lessons. Donít back off because of a little whining.

- All children must never say ď I canít or I wonítĒ but always try again.

- Check bookbags for notes and check books for homework assignments EVERY NIGHT.

Many of these points sound tough. Some parents and students are probably saying that they follow all of these points. If thatís true, GREAT! But before you pat yourselves on the back, sit down with your children and go over each and every point, as will their teachers.

Please make sure that your children know that you stand behind their teachers and that you will follow through with whatever the above rules and procedures state.

Please take everything in these rules and procedures as constructive methods to have students become better learners. No one ever said that parenting would be easy, that teaching would be easy, or, for that matter, being a child would be easy. Letís not go backward, but go forward, working together to make the school year productive. Most important, letís keep the lines of communication open between all of us.

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