Plans for the Academic Year 1997-1998

A Library for the Children/Research Facilities

The School is presently looking for funding for the establishment of a School Library, which will be used primarily by students.

What will be the purpose of the Library?

  1. It will be used by students as an area where they can conduct research during and after school hours.
  2. It will be the home of the school's reading materials; books, magazines etc. Of which students will have access.
  3. It will be used as a study area after school hours.
The school is seeking any assistance it can get in the establishment of this library.

Waste Management Facilities

The state of the school's natural and cultural environment is one of the main areas of focus this year. We are presently putting a solid waste management programme in place to assist us in properly disposing garbage. Hence, improving the physical appearance of our school. We have the bins necessary for the project, but we are presently seeking assistance in making steel containers to put the bins in to prevent them from falling and spilling what's inside.

Fencing of the School

The project is vital if we are to ensure the security of all students attending the Road Primary School. The Government has commenced work on this project, but there is still a lot more to do. Any assistance or ideas will be appreciated.

Repairs to the School's Roof

The school's roof was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Luis in 1995. There are still some areas that are badly in need of repair.

Proper Grounds for Playing

It is the aim of the school to provide a balanced education to all its children. Hence, we recognise the importance of sporting/playing facilities for our children. It is our aim this year to inprove our present facilities.

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Bren Romney
Teacher Bren Romney
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