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Rules and Consequences

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The following offences will result in lashes corporal punishment given by the Principal or a teacher appointed by the Principal.

Talking back to a teacher
Destroying Property (restitution for cost)
Swearing - either verbal or use of body language

Students must:
Stand at attention for the National Song and National Anthem.
When praying, hands must be under the chin, not anywhere else on the body.
When eyes are supposed to be closed, they must be closed. After three offences of any of the above behaviours a one-half hour detention will be served.

We hope that all the children will enjoy our playground.  To ensure the safety of all of the children each class will be assigned a day to use the playground.  The playground day will begin at 8:00 A.M. and will end at 3:30 P.M.
If children use the playground on any day other than their day they will receive a half-hour detention.  After three detentions for not adhering to their day, they will be banned from any use of the playground until further review by the Headteacher.
We understand that children will be children and when they play they may get hurt.  We are not trying to take the fun out of the playground but we are trying to ensure the safety of the children.  Please speak to your children about playground be

haviour.  There will be a teacher on supervision at all times from 8:30 until 3:30.
Children will be asked to forfeit their playground privileges for the day for the following reasons:
Abuse of playground equipment
Walking up the slide
Swinging too high or out of      control ( teacher discretion)
Throwing sand
Eating on playground
Loitering on playground
Fighting to use the equipment

Each teacher will have their own rules.  However there are a few general rules that must be followed.
No eating or gum chewing in class.
All lunches must be eaten in designated classrooms.  If children do not want to eat inside the designated classrooms, they will have to go off the school grounds to eat.  This rule is being reinforced to help keep the grounds of the school clean.

School Activities for the Term

NBA Football Tournament (Nov. 97)
Christmas Concert (Dec. 97)

Teacher  Ross Honoured
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The students too expressed their gratitude. On the morning of Monday 6th October 1997 at the school's General Assembly, Teacher Ross was presented with a plaque on behalf of the staff and pupils of the school.
The Football Team also presented a plaque of appreciation for his selfless dedictation to the development of Football in the school, and more so for leading the team to 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. 
Teacher Winston Duncan replaced Teacher Ross as Coach. Tr. Winston is assisted by Tr. Bren.

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